Solar Panel Installation

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What separates us from the solar competition?

We want to highlight why you should choose High Caliber Electric over the competition. First and foremost we are a family run operation and not a huge corporation. This means your business means more to us than anything and we will go above and beyond for our customers. The owner of the company is a master electrician so you can be ensured that your installation is being completed at the highest level of competence. Lastly we take absolute pride in the work we are preforming. We treat every install as if we are installing on our own homes and care tremendously about the quality of our work. Call us today for solar panel installation services in Antioch or Highland Park, IL.

What's the solar panel installation process like?

We take care of everything from start to finish. We will come assess your home to see if it's a good fit for solar. Then we will sit down with you and see what your goals are from budgeting to ascetics. Then we will take care of all the permitting and net metering with the utility company. After we will then go ahead and install your system, pass the inspection, then you are done to enjoy the benefits of your new solar system. Even after we complete the solar panel installation, we are always just a call away to support you with any questions or concerns down the line. Call our Antioch, IL solar panel installation company today!

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Why should I go solar?

Going solar is very popular right now because of incentives. Not only will you reduce your carbon emissions when you switch to solar, you also greatly reduce how much you spend on power. A system in Illinois can pay for itself in as little as 10 years! Any Additional question or concerns please give us a call!